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A Slip to the Tongue

How language shapes our biases towards animals by describing subjective experiences as objective realities, suggesting the need to develop a new language that better captures the subjective nature of our experiences.

Key moments:

00:04 Language describes subjective experiences as outside objective realities, leading to a deceptive worldview. This deception influences values and the training of AI, necessitating a shift towards a new language for constructing subjective experiences.

  • The gap between subjective experiences and objective realities in language. It shapes our worldview and understanding of the world around us.
  • The impact of language on values and the training of AI. Language as a tool that separates humans from other beings and influences behaviors.
  • The need for a new language to construct subjective experiences. Changing language to shape human and AI minds towards a more constructive future.

04:50 Language plays a crucial role in shaping human perception and values, with potential implications for artificial intelligence development. The influence of language on thought processes is complex and not solely deterministic.

  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of research into language structure to enable clear communication of subjective and objective concepts.
  • Discussion on how language influences AI learning and the need for specific language changes to test their impact on values and behavior.
  • Exploration of linguistic determinism theory and the speaker’s view on language shaping subjective rather than objective perceptions.