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Camera On Animal
See the World Through the Individual’s Eyes

Highly guarded slaughterhouses exposed Using livestreaming technology affixed to the animals’ backs.

We traced their final day – from the confines of overcrowded trucks through to the aftermath of slaughter.

Sentient has pioneered a new technique to expose the most hidden places of animal suffering – the slaughterhouses.
Utilizing cutting-edge cellular technology, we have developed a new undercover investigative approach that illuminates the covert, highly-guarded facilities that are otherwise inaccessible.

Sentient has customized a small, disposable camera, camouflaged and harmlessly glued to an animal’s back, allowing us to live-stream video footage from their point of view.

The visuals narrate their story through their eyes, capturing the sights and sounds of their environment. Each animal fitted with a camera is also given a name.

We’ve leveraged this technology to document the final hours of bulls, sheep, and pigs, turning them into de facto “undercover investigators” within the slaughterhouses.

While animal rights advocates around the world face obstacles, violence, and Ag-Gag laws in their efforts to uncover the harsh realities inside slaughterhouses, this innovative method provides an unfiltered glimpse of the truth.

We are working diligently to share this technique worldwide.

The video footage vividly captures their ordeal in overcrowded trucks, abattoir pens, slaughter lines, and the aftermath. As the viewer, you experience firsthand the animal’s perspective – the fear that grips a calf as it scrambles over you, trying to escape the slaughter line; the terror of hearing screams and shouts in the final moments of life; the desperate scramble towards the bars of a moving truck, jam-packed with other filthy pigs, in attempt to catch a breath of air and glimpse the sunlight. This unique and revealing footage uncovers violations of animal protection laws, and it has already exposed the largest slaughterhouse in Israel.

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Our Findings

Camera On Animals - Electric probing in the anus of a bull
Danny and the bull in front of being electrified with a probe in the slaughter line

Electric probing in the anus

Danny was a frightened and easy-to-control bull. In the slaughter line, he always looked back and swallowed his saliva, moving ahead from every little touch or sound. On the contrary, the bull in front of him refused to move and was electrified with a probe repeatedly in his anus. He was also hit with a stick.

Camera On Animals - Feces are purring on animals
Tomer and his friend, who’s face is smeared with feces

Feces are purring on animals

coming down from the upper floor on Tomer and his friends while they are forcibly moving inside the truck.

Camera On Animals - Desperate attempt to escape In the Slaughter line
Tomer's horn presses against another bull's stomach while the latter is climbing over him

Desperate attempt to escape

In the Slaughter line, the bull in front of Tomer turns around and climbs over him in a desperate attempt to escape.

Camera On Animals - pigs stuck inside a claustrophobic truck, with no place to move
Max gasping for air in the stuffed truck

Unbearable crowdedness

Max is stuffed with other pigs inside a claustrophobic truck, with no place to move whatsoever!

Camera On Animals - Screams all over in the killing room
Alexa put her head on the back of another sheep, trying to find comfort minutes before she was killed

Screams all over in the killing room

Alexa is killed in a room full of lambs screaming, people shouting, and fear everywhere.


Annually, the slaughter industry claims the lives of over 70 billion land animals, subjecting them to appalling conditions in a ruthless sector. The abuse involves genetic manipulation, amputation of body parts at the early stages of their lives, overcrowding, and deprivation of natural behaviors, among other atrocities. **This constitutes a crime against animality of an unimaginable scale**, yet the individual stories of these named animals remain largely untold. Our technology and method aim to shed light on the **personal experiences** of animals trapped within this merciless industry.

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