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We create practical change by fighting crimes against animals

Our undercover investigations and campaigns expose the cruelty hidden behind closed walls. Our innovative tools, which we create, empower animal rights activists worldwide. Through our social media presence and media coverage, we reach hundreds of millions of people. We can’t do this alone. Your support is crucial. Please donate today to help us protect animals from harm and cruelty

Your Donation Makes a Difference

  • 25$ will cover half the cost of our most used camreas!
  • 65$ Adopt an undercover worker! - Support his salary!
  • 270$ will help us spread the investigative tools we create worldwide.

Considering donating a larger sum? Directly contact our executive director and investigator, Ronen Bar, at [email protected].

Why Donate to Sentient?

Impactful Investigation:

Your donation directly supports our undercover investigations that expose cruelty and drive change.

We stopped horrific abuse of dogs, changed the lives of countless street cats, exposed slaughterhouses and factory farming changed practices, and much more.

We are putting hidden cameras on animals, making them the undercover investigators, we film through their point of view, we implant undercover workers in the darkest places all over the world

We are a part of the effective altruism movement.

Empowering Activists:

We develop and share tools, knowledge, and resources with the global animal rights community, empowering activists to create lasting change.

We collaborate with other animal rights organizations, bringing synergy and power to each.

All our investigations are the result of collaboration, and this is our fundamental strategy.

Sentient Worldwide is bringing our expertise and abilities to other activists all over the world. We develop unique tools and share our knowledge and skills with other animal rights activists in any way possible.

Raising Awareness:

Your contribution helps us reach millions of people through compelling content and educational campaigns, fostering a greater understanding of animal rights issues.

We expose the blunt truth in a non-conventional way that people can’t stay apathetic to, bringing practical change through aggressive campaigns, and it works!

Through our social media, we exposed the reality to hundreds of millions of animals!

With our half million followers on social media, and global media coverage, we run aggressive and successful campaigns that settle for nothing less than real change!


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