'Heifer International' Exposed as a Meat Industry Advocate

A Sentient and PETA joined eyewitness investigation exposed neglect and abuse of goats in a program run by “Heifer International” in India. The organization sells goats and other animals online as gifts to marginalized communities, making it seem as if the animals become treasured members of human families. In reality, many of the goats are mistreated, used for breeding and gets send to slaughterhouses, as Heifer International acts in India as advocates for the meat industry.

Marginalized communities in countries like India deserve to be empowered in different constructive and long-lasting ways, which does not condemn animals to suffering and death. Heifer International already operates such programs and can quickly and easily shift its focus and resources from animal abuse and meat consumption advocacy to a more compassionate, sustainable and effective initiatives, such as – irrigation systems installations, supplying seeds and farming training, empowering woman small businesses and more.
Please write to “Heifer International” – either by posting a comment on their Facebook page or via their website, share this investigation on social media and urge people who want to help and support marginalized communities to do so through humane and sustainable methods, and not by contributing to animal abuse!

Our Findings

Sever Negligence

Goats where found suffering from severe medical conditions including fractured limbs, maggot infested wounds and more – none of which were properly treated. The Goats were kept in crowded pens or tied up with ropes so short that they could hardly move. Male goats were castrated without the use of anesthesia.

Babies Denied Milk and Mistreated

Villagers forced sticks into baby goats’ mouths to prevent them from drinking their mothers’ milk. The baby Goats were tied up with ropes so short that they could hardly move.

Inhumane Treatment and Blood Soaked Killing Floors

Villagers with goats received from Heifer International sell their animals for slaughter. In many cases the animals face long distance transport, they wait to be slaughtered while they stand on blood-drenched floors covered with entrails, watching and waiting in fear as others are killed directly in front of them. The slaughterers don’t stun them before killing them, even though required by law.

Looking to Expand the Meat Market

While scientists warn that meat production perpetuates world hunger and climate change, Heifer International promotes meat production among a largely vegetarian population and is planning to support the construction of a slaughterhouse in another Indian state.

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