Once, an ancient squirrel 🐿 came to the big secrets and said, “You are mighty, you are colossal, you will be easily spotted. Do one of the two – either hide really well, so that no one can see you, or conversely, be everywhere, at every moment, in every corner. In both cases – no one will know about you, and your great secret will be kept.”

The big secrets were perplexed. Which option should they choose? Although there was initial disagreement among them, they quickly understood that they had no real choice. They are not small, they are not agile, how could they manage to hide from so many different animals going to so many different and strange places? Hence, they chose the second option, to be everywhere, all the time. That way, even if by chance you notice that they are here, animals would think you’re mad. No one would believe you, because how come no one else noticed?

If the big secrets had chosen to hide, it would be possible to take someone and say ‘Look, behind that playground slide there is a big secret burrowing in the sand,’ but it’s not possible because they are also behind the playground slide, and right here, both above and below.

For many, many years, the big secrets have been concealed in plain sight. To uncover them, one must simply pay attention to the here and now. And when you stumble upon a big secret, draw near, as he will softly but serenely whisper in your ear: The biggest secrets are the most apparent ones.

This is the secret of secrets.

Our civilization is built upon the genocide of wild animals and the slavery of factory-farmed animals. This monumental, apparent secret is evident everywhere: in every piece of concrete on the pavement, in the artificial lights of cities at night, and when you fly over countries to see how we have completely destroyed vast landscapes, transforming areas where numerous animals once roamed into areas engineered solely for the benefit of humans and nothing more. Here are a few numbers to shed more light on this secret, which is internalized by very few people; most of us continue to live in civilization as if it is not built on the corpses of our fellow earth inhabitants:

According to The Living Planet Index, since 1970, there has been an average global decline of 69% in the populations of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish due to human activity.

  • 70 billion land animals are slaughtered every year for food, the majority of whom have endured miserable lives in factory farms.
  • According to research analyzed of FAO data, 230 billion shrimps are alive on farms at any moment, with 440 billion farmed shrimps killed each year.
  • More than 1 trillion fish and other marine animals are killed by humans annually. These sentient wild animals are pulled out of the oceans and suffocate to death on the decks of mobile marine abattoirs, commonly known as “fishing boats.”
  • The number of wild shrimps slaughtered annually is estimated to be 25 trillion.
  • At least tens of billions of incarcerated fish in factory farms are killed yearly for human consumption after enduring harsh captive conditions.