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Weapons Of Mass Destruction

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A device or technique that is intended to harm a large number of animals (human or non-human) or cause massive damage to natural or artificial structures (e.g., habitats), or the biosphere. Weapons of mass destruction can be:

  • Biological – a direct extermination of animals such as gill nets (a wall of netting that kills fish that are caught in it with their gills).
  • Ecological – extermination of the habitats of animals such as with burning rainforests with all it’s sentient’s, causing probably death to those who manged to escape.
  • Chemical – molecular or atomic change in the environment, which usually appears as mild or unseen by the naked eye, but actually causing extensive suffering and death, such as with climate change of water pollution.

Using the term in a sentence:

  • I hope the UK will ban the use of weapons of mass destruction that are killing animals, particularly in the marine hunting industry. This would save so many lives…
  • Is the slaughter knife a weapon of mass destruction? After all, it kills hundreds of millions of animals every day. No, it is not, because it only kills one animal at a time. Weapons of mass destruction are non-discriminating, killing enormous numbers of lives in one usage.
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Weapons of mass destruction - The Alien Journalist Dictionary - Main pic - fish caught in net.