Sentient non-profit is looking for a CEO to expand our global activities for animal rights.
If you are a manager and entrepreneur with a solid ideology of animal rights, skilled in strategizing and systemizing, good at fundraising, and good with people, you belong with us. Who are we? A meta-organization* in the field of undercover investigations, working to empower activists for animals worldwide. Our main activities include:
  1. Creating and distributing innovative tools and concepts that expand the spectrum of possibilities for conducting investigations in terms of goals, narrative, and capability. We have several projects, one of which is distributing a tool we developed – Camera On Animal. The distribution phase of the tools, among activists worldwide, can be even more challenging than their development. As part of the Camera on Animal project, Sentient promotes the concept of seeing the individual, Animal Personhood.
  2. Conducting international investigations. Here is an example footage from Sentient’s investigations worldwide.
  3. Disseminating simple and profound content through social media and our website, exposed to tens of millions of people annually. In 2023, the videos we published on Sentient’s English Facebook page, with half a million followers, were watched for 47 million minutes. Examples: If we were them The Alien Journalist Dictionary
*The term Meta refers to activities for activists. We operate for those who act for animals.

Who are we looking for? People interested in questions like:

  1. What’s the most effective way to reduce suffering in the world? What would I do if I were the head of the (non-existent) committee of the global animal rights movement?
  2. What’s the story of the world?
  3. Should and how should our strategy change following the AI revolution?

f you’re excited about using and developing technology to help animals, looking for new concepts that can change people’s perspectives on reality, and connect with the principles of the effective altruism movement, you belong with us.
No experience in the field of investigations is required. What is needed?

If this position interests you, send your resume and a cover letter explaining why you think you are suitable and what you can contribute to the world of animal rights, to this email address: [email protected]