Sentient non-profit is looking for a board member

Sentient is looking for a board member who can contribute to our strategic planning, fundraising, and system thinking.

  • What is the biggest obstacle in the animal rights movement?
  • What is the story of planet Earth?
  • What can make an effect that goes beyond a particular time and space?
  • How does the small cellular camera we developed, camouflaged on animals on their way to slaughter, connect to a worldview that emphasizes the individual animal through language?
  • Why do we think that creating groundbreaking tools for activists and undercover investigations worldwide are effective actions to reduce suffering in the world?
  • What is the advantage of blurring the boundaries between activists for wildlife, incarcerated animals in the slaughter industry, companion animals, etc.?

If these questions intrigue you and you think you have something interesting to say about them, please send your resume and a cover letter explaining why the volunteer position of board member interests you to [email protected]
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On Sentient:

Sentient focuses on three main activities:
  1. We create, customize, and share tools for activists. Our goal is to communitize—share in a structured, lasting manner—valuable knowledge for animal rights activists to enhance the community.
  2. We conduct unique undercover investigations worldwide, followed by campaigns aimed at practical change.
  3. We generate content designed to raise awareness and inspire action.
For example, we conducted an undercover investigation on cattle farms in Australia, which garnered worldwide media attention. We also published a local investigation on a dog kennel in Israel. Our content is viewed more than a million times a week through our Facebook page, which has approximately 500K followers. We effect change at both the individual and systemic levels. We are part of the effective altruism movement. We strive to create global scalable activism.