Ducks - Through Their Eyes

Ducks are the second-most commonly slaughtered land animal in the world today. Chickens are number one.

Approximately 3 billion ducks are slaughtered every year worldwide. Today, there is a scientific consensus that all poultry and wild birds are sentient beings. They experience fear, suffering, and other subjective experiences. This undercover footage was taken in an Israeli duck slaughterhouse. Many ducks remain alive and consciousness post-slaughter and enter the de-feathering machine fully conscious. The fear and panic of these gentle creatures is visible and heartbreaking.
3 billion ducks are slaughtered worldwide every year. This footage enables the viewer to see what the ducks see and experience the scene through their eyes. The main findings of the investigation: The great majority of the ducks remain alive and conscious as they bleed to death for a long period of time after they are slaughtered.

The footage enables the viewer to see what ducks see and experience in their final moments. Through their eyes. It further reveals that the great majority of ducks remain alive and conscious while bleeding to death for a period of time post-slaughter. A few manage to survive only to be sent to the plucking machine. Some witness other ducks being slaughtered right in front of them.

Many times the slaughterhouse workers touch the ducks’ wounds immediately post-slaughter, causing even greater pain and suffering. Sentient wishes to thank Anonymous for Animals Rights, another non-profit organization, for its collaboration and support for this investigation.

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