What happens to Australian cattle on the vast outback stations in Australia has never before been exposed. Cruelty is rife and accepted in the land of no law.
This first-ever investigation into the field of TNR in Israel revealed sub-standard conditions at this clinic, alleged fraud regarding the clinic’s reports about the number of sterilized cats and more.
Ducks are the second-most commonly slaughtered land animal in the world today. Chickens are number one.
A Sentient and PETA joined eyewitness investigation exposed neglect and abuse of goats in a program run by “Heifer International” in India.
This undercover investigation is a joint effort by Sentient and Animals Now, and it shows their last moments from their own POV.
A new investigation reveals chickens locked in cages too small for them to stretch wings
המיתוס של בשר המרעה ההומאני מצייר את החיים הטובים של הבקר במרחבים פתוחים אדירים לפני שהם נשלחים בספינות כמשלוחים חיים