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Sentient is an animal rights organization that conducts undercover investigations and campaigns in Israel and abroad. We are looking for a full-time or part-time Chief Technology Officer for a very special and challenging job:

Chief Technology Officer
Location: Israel (required)
As our CTO, you will lead innovative development projects that will promote and enable our work in Israel and worldwide. You will be tasked with confidential and sensitive work.

– We are looking for engineers and people that come from any of these fields: Mechanical and/or Electrical Engineering, robotics, mechanics, optics, digital photography and related hardware background. Software knowledge is also helpful.
– A good technical and technological sense
– Hardworking, persistent, ambitious.
– Ideological, cares deeply about animals.
– Ability to learn new things
– Strong problem-solving ability

Does this sound like a good fit for you? Ideal applicants will have practical experience in a variety of engineering fields, specifically mechanics and electronics. They also strive to reduce suffering in the world and are willing to go a long way to achieve this goal. They like learning new things and are fast learners.

* The salary is high compared to the non-profit and animal rights sector, and (naturally) low compared to the private sector.

If you are interested, please send your Resume/CV to [email protected] and attach a cover letter briefly explaining why you are interested in this job, what is your ideological affiliation to it, and anything else you would like to say or ask us. We will share much more information about this job with relevant applicants.

About Us
Sentient was formed in 2017 by a group of activists from a variety of fields, including journalism, technology, social media and more. We are an international investigative non-profit for all beings that can feel, for all those who are sentient. Our goal is to reduce the world’s suffering. We specialize in cutting-edge filming technologies, aimed not only to show viewers an ordinary two-dimensional picture but rather a strong palpable, almost life-like experience, a deep emotional process that will change minds and plates. Here is an example of this. We collaborate with different organizations for the campaigns which follow the investigations in order to optimize their exposure and outcome. With good campaigns and collaborations, we are able to create a change not only for individuals but also at the institutional level. You can see some of our investigations here.

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