Auchan Egg Supplier Exposed

August 2019 - A new investigation reveals chickens locked in cages too small for them to stretch wings

Sentient has obtained a whistleblower’s footage shot of an Auchan’s egg supplier company in Taiwan. Auchan is a French international supermarket chain, one of the biggest in the world, with branches in France and 15 other countries. Video footage from two farms in Taiwan clearly show chickens kept in very small and very filthy battery cages, with excreta piling up. These birds cannot even stretch their wings! This inhumane farm practice was outlawed in most western countries, and replaced by cage-free eggs.

Ironically, RT Mart’s parent company – Auchan, has an animal welfare policy in which it states that it will stop selling caged eggs in France and in some other countries.

Our Findings

Every laying hen is stuck in a tiny cage unable even to stretch its wings.


Eggs smeared with feces

Dirt and feces pile up under and all around the cages

Some cages contain five or more hens leaving them almost no room to move.

Take Action

It is time for Auchan to shun this cruelty once and for all, in all the countries it operates in, by simply saying NO to battery cages. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere. While non-cage systems are certainly not free from cruelty – for example, all male chicks are killed on the day they hatch, because they don’t lay eggs – battery cages are one of the most abusive practices in factory farm.

Please tell Auchan to say NO to battery cages – either by posting a comment on their Facebook page or via Facebook messenger.

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