Sentient adjective

Able to perceive and feel; having the capacity to experience subjectively.

Who Are We?

Just another sentient animal on this planet.

What We Do

Tool Development

  • We create, customize, and share knowledge, tools, methods and concepts with the animal rights community, such as the Camera On Animal.
  • Our goal is to communitize - share in a structured, lasting manner - valuable knowledge for animal rights activists in order to improve the community. Collaboration with other activists is a the heart of what we do.

Investigations & Campaigns

  • We use various tools and methods, including our own custom-made equipment, to conduct world-first undercover investigations.
  • A good undercover investigation can activate journalists, police officers, judges, CEOs of large companies, members of government and even a prime minister or president. Our investigations are the basis for campaigns for individual and institutional change, and they usually include legal work, lobbying efforts, PR and more. They create practical change.

Content Production & Reach

  • We promote compassion through content production & publication, reaching more than 100 million people through our social media platforms and the press. We emphasize the individual animal - telling the stories of particular named animals in order to explain the large-scale atrocities, a non-speciesist worldview, and creating a new language highlighting the crimes against animality on this planet, as well as significant global changes. We strive to create a vision of a good world.

The Team

Ronen Bar - CEO & Founder of Sentient non-profit

Ronen Bar
CEO & Founder

Ronen is an Israeli journalist and activist whose worldwide investigations have exposed atrocities towards animals, leading to practical change for animals. His strategy for change is combining spirit with tech, and mind with matter.

Tomer Parkens - Head of R&D of Sentient Non-profit

Tomer Parkens
Head of R&D

The problems are complex, but the solutions are always simple. Not the way leading to solution, only the solution itself. Tomer is the expert in finding the easiest path to the desirable ability that will change the game.

Suzy Loom - Chief undercover investigator​ of Sentient Non-profit

Suzy Loom
Chief undercover investigator

She assimilates seamlessly in the most horrifying crime scenes, where animals are abused and killed. Her skills include operating cutting-edge tech.

Avner Alperovich - Social Media Manager​ of Sentient non-profit

Avner Alperovich
Social Media Manager

Avner is a designer, web builder, SEO expert and video editor. After 20 years of being a vegan passivist, he decided it was time to become active and joined Sentient.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at:
Email: [email protected]