What is Sentient?

Able to perceive and feel;
having the capacity to
experience subjectively.

About Us

Sentient was formed in early 2017 by a group of activists from a variety of fields, including journalism, technology, psychology, social media, and more. We are an international investigative non-profit for all beings that can feel, for all those who are sentient. Our goal is to reduce the world’s suffering. We focus where suffering is abundant most and collaborate with different organizations around the world for joint investigations and activities. We specialize in unique filming and cutting edge technologies of cameras.

We can divide the world in many ways: Easterners and Westerners, men and women, plants and animals. But when we put on our moral glasses, only one division remains: sentient and non-sentient. Whoever has consciousness can experience subjectively. This is sentience. And though this unique word, ‘Sentient’, is unknown to many, it is perhaps the most important word in the English language. It encapsulates all that matters. The subjective experiences of conscious living beings. Humanity accounts for a very small portion of the world’s sentience. Most sentient beings are non-human animals. All vertebrae are sentient, whether they are wild macaque monkeys, your family dog or cat, or pigs on factory farms. Some invertebrate animals are also sentient, like octopuses, though science has yet to explain when subjective experiences begin in the animal kingdom. Some animals, however, lack a brain or central nervous system and thus cannot suffer.

Nevertheless, a countless number of non-human animals have subjective experiences, none of which are inferior to our own. There are trillions of sentient wild animals who have been subjected to genocide through human actions. Furthermore, each year some 70 billion land animals are mercilessly slaughtered for food, the majority will have endured miserable lives in factory farms. Others raised on pasture, will have been subjected to surgical procedures without pain relief, or transported cruelly for days or weeks, only then to be brutally slaughtered.

On a daily basis, these animals account for the majority of the world’s suffering. Our mission is to help them and reduce our planet’s suffering. We are Sentient. For all who can feel.

The Team

Ronen Bar - CEO & Founder

Ronen is an Israeli journalist and activist whose worldwide investigations have exposed horrific atrocities towards animals, leading to wide-scale public debates, class action lawsuits, criminal prosecutions, and new legislation.

Sagi Agmon - Attorney at Law

Sagi is our excellent legal advisor. He has years of legal experience under his belt focusing on animal rights and the environment with an impressive list of accomplishments.

Gil Merhav, Development Manager

Gil has a natural ability for out of the box thinking and countless creative ideas. With a background in writing and childhood education, Gil brings enthusiasm and passion for everything he does.

Sentient סנטיאנט

Suzy - Chief Undercover Investigator

Suzy is our highly experienced undercover investigator. Among her many talents, she has developed a highly specialized filming technique that makes it appear as if an entire film crew is inside the slaughterhouse.

Daniela Kurtz

Marketing expert and Social Media manager

Sentient סנטיאנט

Shay Fellner

Video director and editor

Rani Windmiller

Content creator

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at:
Email: [email protected]